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Draymond Green says he’s fine with how Kevin Durant left the Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant had plenty of valid reasons for leaving the Golden State Warriors, but the one that drew the most speculation during the season was his relationship with Draymond Green. The two engaged in a fierce on-court argument early in the season in which Green challenged Durant on his pending free agency, and ever since, many have assumed that their feud would ultimately lead to Durant’s exit. 

Durant did in fact decide to go to the Brooklyn Nets, but Green is completely at peace with that. He revealed in an interview with Rachel Nichols on ESPN’s “The Jump” that while he didn’t speak to Durant prior to his decision, they have spoken since and Green is okay with the way that his former teammate handled the situation. 

“I found out that he was picking Brooklyn when everybody else found out, which is exactly how it should be. He didn’t owe it to me to tell me before he told everybody else. We did what we had to do. The thing that people forget about in this league is like, this is our lives. I’m not about to go to Kevin Durant and say ‘hey Kevin, can I get my fiancé pregnant?’ … That’s my life. Am I supposed to come to you and A) let you know that’s what I want to do or B) ask you for permission? No. So I found out exactly when everybody else found out, which is exactly how it should be.”

Green’s relationship with Durant has been something of a bellwether for where he stood with the rest of the team. When the Warriors lost the NBA Finals in 2016, it was Green texting Durant in an attempt to try to recruit him to the Warriors. After the argument this season, things never felt quite the same. There was a widespread assumption that Durant would leave dating back to last offseason, but the spat with Green seemingly confirmed the reported tensions in Golden State’s locker room. 

Despite that tension, Green is happy with what the Warriors accomplished with Durant. “If someone would’ve told me, ‘man, Kevin Durant’s gonna come to the Warriors, and you guys are gonna win two championships and then have a shot at winning a third, would you take that?’ In a heartbeat, so that was a major success. I’m happy for him,” Green said. 

No matter what led to Durant leaving, banners fly forever. Durant is a two-time NBA champion. Green has three rings to his name. Both of their careers were boosted by the other, so neither has taken a shot at the other since Durant became a Net. 

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